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just in: what fashion could have been in 2013 !


Accent Walls (installation, 2015)

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Adele (bar gathering, 2016)

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Builder 00: a window in Kings Boulevard London N1C (booklet, 2013)

Builder 01: tubular forms in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 02: steel hinges in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 03: scaffolding in Charles II Street London SW1 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 04: choreography of tubular forms in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 05: steel hinges, wooden forms and a hose in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 06: barricades in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 07: scaffolding in Endsleigh Place London WC1H / scaffolding in Rue Pastourelle Paris 75003 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 08: weightlifting with five vehicles in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 09: hunting in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)


CARE (magazine, 2013)

Cold Open (installation, 2014)

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Compact 00: a window (zine, 2013)

Compact 01: pavement (zine, 2013)

Compact 02: a fence (zine, 2013)

Compact 03: an antenna (zine, 2013)

Compact 04: a wing (zine, 2014)

Compact 05: a fence (zine, 2014)

Compact 06: a shelf (zine, 2014)

Compact 07: a roof (zine, 2014)

Compact 08: a wire (zine, 2014)

Compact 09: a lamp (zine, 2014)

Compact 10: a wire (zine, 2014)

Compact 11: a scaffold (zine, 2014)

Compact 12: a window (zine, 2014)

Crew (installation, 2016)

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CV (ongoing document, hopefully)


D3MSica_YG: The Hits by D3MSica_YG (57 minutes audio, 2015)

Dreams (dream journal, sporadic)


Facsimile I: a novel (book, 2013)

Facsimile II: whodunnit (book, 2014)

Facsimile III: meet cute (book, 2015)

Festiv town (park gathering, 2016) 

First Person Lover (novella, 2016) 

For Reference Only, Mostly (installation, 2014)

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For Reference Surely, Comfortably (installation, 2015)

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Foyer (book, 2015)


Grass Warm Trifecta (installation, 2012)

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Interview with Nicholas Korody (Archinect, 2014)

Interview with Zippora Elders (Foam, 2015)

Interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets and Katherine Dionysus (Kaleidoscope, 2016)


New Arrivals (installation, 2015)

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Photo Archive 1 (tumblr, 2010-12)

Photo Archive 2 (tumblr, 2012-14)

Photography Tomorrow: Albert Camus Weekly (newsletter, 09.09.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Art & Authority (newsletter, 27.07.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Hip / Iconic (newsletter, 08.08.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Last Revolutionary Standing (newsletter, 28.12.2014)

Photography Tomorrow: Photography Cliché (newsletter, 09.11.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Photography Police Task Force (newsletter, 12.08.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Spring Awakening (newsletter, 05.04.2015)

Photography Tomorrow: Three Musketeers (newsletter, 26.09.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: V'n'H is the true R'n'B I (newsletter, 16.07.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: V'n'H is the true R'n'B II (newsletter, 18.07.2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume I: The Conversation (book, 2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume II: Real People (book, 2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume III: The Heist (book, 2014)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume IV: The Archaeologist (book, 2014)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume V: Tactics (book, 2014)


the baby smiles to be like the angel similar (book, 2013)

The Fodder A (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder B (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder C (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder D (newsprint, 2015)

The Fodder E (newsprint, 2015)

The Fodder F (newsprint, 2015)

the palace explodes the shrimp bail, when the flower want to oxygen and nutrition, I will help too much (zine, 2012)

The September Issue (calendar, 2015)

Turbo 82: flashes of skin, lips, neck and water juxtaposed with shadows and wire (book, 2015)

Turbo 83 a.k.a. Alley Smoke: on architectural meĢlange found in the streets of Shanghai, Beijing and Wenzhou, China, (book, 2014)

Turbo 84: nine days of Spring passing through Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany (book, 2014)

Turbo 85: a brief analysis of the urban skeleton undertaken in the areas of Nation and La Défense Paris, France (book, 2013)

Turbo 86: two essays on composition produced indoors and outdoors (book, 2013)

Turbo 87: on warehouses in Zona Industrial da Varziela, Portugal (book, 2013)

Turbo 88: an exercise in two parts (book, 2012)

Two Tables (installation, 2015)

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Undertow (installation, 2014)

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Vista Alegre (installation, 2015)

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