Accent Walls (installation, 2015)

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Builder 00: a window in Kings Boulevard London N1C (booklet, 2013)

Builder 01: tubular forms in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 02: steel hinges in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 03: scaffolding in Charles II Street London SW1 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 04: choreography of tubular forms in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 05: steel hinges, wooden forms and a hose in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 06: barricades in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 07: scaffolding in Endsleigh Place London WC1H / scaffolding in Rue Pastourelle Paris 75003 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 08: weightlifting with five vehicles in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 09: hunting in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)


CARE (magazine, 2013)

Cold Open (installation, 2014)

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Compact 00: a window (zine, 2013)

Compact 01: pavement (zine, 2013)

Compact 02: a fence (zine, 2013)

Compact 03: an antenna (zine, 2013)

Compact 04: a wing (zine, 2014)

Compact 05: a fence (zine, 2014)

Compact 06: a shelf (zine, 2014)

Compact 07: a roof (zine, 2014)

Compact 08: a wire (zine, 2014)

Compact 09: a lamp (zine, 2014)

Compact 10: a wire (zine, 2014)

Compact 11: a scaffold (zine, 2014)

Compact 12: a window (zine, 2014)

Crew (installation, 2016)

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CV (ongoing document, hopefully)


D3MSica_YG: The Hits by D3MSica_YG (57 minutes audio, 2015)

Dream (9:27am, 07.06.2016):

  • I bought a group flight ticket to the seichelles with Jennifer Aniston in the party. She didn't come. I wandered around the airport looking for her. The airport was small, the lounge was electric blue, as if art directed by that french electronica group. The rest of the airport was orange sponsored by ING. I went outside and I was near a beach and a construction site. Or it seemed to be one, it could also be a building after an intense storm. Water was leaking from it. I filmed it and posted on Instagram. I was trying to tag Jennifer Aniston, I wondered if she had already arrived. Then I thought she had enough money to buy the ticket herself why did I do it, but I was feeling sorry for her. She had broken up with her boyfriend. I tried to send a group message on whatsapp to see what was going on, but my phone glitched. My messages say hey jenny I'm in the seichelles where are you? Are you here? But I realise I sent it to my family group. My cousin sends an excited message saying how great it is to be connected through another app. I am confused, we already talk through WeChat. It shows my mother typing something. I mute the app. I go back to Instagram, notice I haven't posted the small video I had made of water leaking from the construction site post storm. I miswrite seichelles. I find it hard to come up with a caption for Jennifer Aniston. I was disappointed and also had no time left because my flight back to mainland was almost there. Maybe that wasn't seichelles in the end. I get lost in the different levels of the airport. It’s evening now. I walk through a tunnel and I encounter a dark room. People sat in a circle. There is an old man talking about purification. I am told to clean a hunky guy with a wet towel. He is a Portuguese actor I've seen in old telenovelas. I go through his biceps, torso and back. He is in ecstasy not because of me. His eyes go backwards, arms raised. I tell him to turn around and I wipe his buttocks and go through his buff thighs. It sounds hot but I'm not turned on. I notice my old gay friend from high school is watching me. I feel powerful because I'm next to hot property and he is not. The shaman tells me to call my old friend's mum to come and pick him up because it's late. I do that and I also call someone to come and pick up the naked actor. I feel responsible for all of them and feel dutiful. I am still thinking of Jennifer Aniston but this feels familiar from her. I feel she knows what she is doing so I'm not that worried for her anymore. I get out of the room and I'm in a domestic hallway. I go to the front door because I hear the bell. I open the door and it’s a woman I can’t recognise. She comes to pick up my friend from high school. I talk to her. She makes me feel at ease, so I let her in. Behind her a man comes to pick up the actor. I also don't mind him so I also let him in. 


Facsimile I: a novel (book, 2013)

Facsimile II: whodunnit (book, 2014)

Facsimile III: meet cute (book, 2015)

For Reference Only, Mostly (installation, 2014)

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For Reference Surely, Comfortably (installation, 2015)

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Grass Warm Trifecta (installation, 2012)

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New Arrivals (installation, 2015)

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Photography Tomorrow: Albert Camus Weekly (newsletter, 09.09.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Art & Authority (newsletter, 27.07.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Hip / Iconic (newsletter, 08.08.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Last Revolutionary Standing (newsletter, 28.12.2014)

Photography Tomorrow: Photography Cliché (newsletter, 09.11.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Photography Police Task Force (newsletter, 12.08.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Spring Awakening (newsletter, 05.04.2015)

Photography Tomorrow: Three Musketeers (newsletter, 26.09.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: V'n'H is the true R'n'B I (newsletter, 16.07.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: V'n'H is the true R'n'B II (newsletter, 18.07.2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume I: The Conversation (book, 2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume II: Real People (book, 2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume III: The Heist (book, 2014)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume IV: The Archaeologist (book, 2014)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume V: Tactics (book, 2014)


the baby smiles to be like the angel similar (book, 2013)

The Fodder: A (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder: B (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder: C (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder: D (newsprint, 2015)

The Fodder: E (newsprint, 2015)

The Fodder: F (newsprint, 2015)

the palace explodes the shrimp bail, when the flower want to oxygen and nutrition, I will help too much (zine, 2012)

The September Issue (calendar, 2015)

Turbo 82: flashes of skin, lips, neck and water juxtaposed with shadows and wire (book, 2015)

Turbo 83 a.k.a. Alley Smoke: on architectural meĢlange found in the streets of Shanghai, Beijing and Wenzhou, China, (book, 2014)

Turbo 84: nine days of Spring passing through Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany (book, 2014)

Turbo 85: a brief analysis of the urban skeleton undertaken in the areas of Nation and La Défense Paris, France (book, 2013)

Turbo 86: two essays on composition produced indoors and outdoors (book, 2013)

Turbo 87: on warehouses in Zona Industrial da Varziela, Portugal (book, 2013)

Turbo 88: an exercise in two parts (book, 2012)

Two Tables (installation, 2015)

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Undertow (installation, 2014)

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Vista Alegre (installation, 2015)

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