Adele at Café de Laurierboom2016

Hello, it's me.

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to pop a finger condom. Just the tip.

Put your hair up to go over everything.

They say that time's supposed to heal yea, but I ain't done much healing, the wire keeps scratching, the needles keep flinching.

Your sugar. Yes, Please. Won't you come and put it down on me?

Hello, can you hear me? That was Dee.

I'm in California flipping cards about who we used to be. When we were younger and fit, we used to unzip, twist and lift.

There's such a difference and a candle between us.

Squirt fresh couture and a million miles.

In order of appearance:

Greenpeace, Catherine Biocca, 2016

Ian Law's poster

Desperate House Pie, Cédric Fargues, 2016

Just The Tip, Sarah Abu Abdallah, 2016

Modular Electric Headpiece, Lucy Andrews, 2016

Untitled, Matthew Eiraldi, 2016

Headache, Bruno Zhu, 2016

M|íKv 128, Adriana Ramić, 2016 (Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Idiot, translated by Eva Martin)

Sugar Coated, Ieva Kraule, 2016

Till The Bitter End (Preview), Riley Harmon, 2016

Honeysuckle, Dan Walwin, 2016 (modeled by Jenny Lindblom)

Muutos, Anna Mikkola, 2007

Opportunism: "The Twist", Josip Novosel, 2016

With possible fashions and whatnots from Sarah Abu Abdallah, Lucy Andrews, Catherine Biocca, Matthew Eiraldi, Cédric Fargues, Riley Harmon, Femke Herregraven, Ieva Kraule, Ian Law, Adam Levine, Anna Mikkola, Josip Novosel, Adriana Ramić, Jeremy Scott for Moschino, Dan Walwin and Bruno Zhu

Special thanks to the models and Café de Laurierboom

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