2013 fully fashioned (book, 2016)

2014 fully fashioned (book, 2017)


A Maior / Chao Sheng (lookbook, 2017)



Builder 00: a window in Kings Boulevard London N1C (booklet, 2013)

Builder 01: tubular forms in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 02: steel hinges in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 03: scaffolding in Charles II Street London SW1 (booklet, 2013)

Builder 04: choreography of tubular forms in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 05: steel hinges, wooden forms and a hose in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 06: barricades in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 07: scaffolding in Endsleigh Place London WC1H / scaffolding in Rue Pastourelle Paris 75003 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 08: weightlifting with five vehicles in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)

Builder 09: hunting in Forum Les Halles Paris 75001 (booklet, 2014)


CARE (magazine, 2013)

Cold Open (poster, 2014)

Compact 00: a window (zine, 2013)

Compact 01: pavement (zine, 2013)

Compact 02: a fence (zine, 2013)

Compact 03: an antenna (zine, 2013)

Compact 04: a wing (zine, 2014)

Compact 05: a fence (zine, 2014)

Compact 06: a shelf (zine, 2014)

Compact 07: a roof (zine, 2014)

Compact 08: a wire (zine, 2014)

Compact 09: a lamp (zine, 2014)

Compact 10: a wire (zine, 2014)

Compact 11: a scaffold (zine, 2014)

Compact 12: a window (zine, 2014)

Cool for the Summer (LEAP Magazine, 2017)


D3MSica_YG: The Hits by D3MSica_YG (album, 2015)

Dreams (dream journal, sporadic)


Facsimile I: a novel (book, 2013)

Facsimile II: whodunnit (book, 2014)

Facsimile III: meet cute (book, 2015)

First Person Lover (novella, 2016) 

For Reference Only, Mostly (reading room, 2014)

For Reference Surely, Comfortably (reading room, 2015)

FOYER (book, 2015)


Interview with Nicholas Korody (Archinect, 2014)

Interview with Zippora Elders (Foam, 2015)

Interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets and Katherine Dionysus (Kaleidoscope, 2016)

Interview with Gabriela Acha (AQNB, 2017)

Interview with João Mourão and Luís Silva (CURA., 2017)

Interview with Domeniek Ruyters (Metropolis M, 2018)


JESS SICA AVENUE (zine, 2017)

JESS SICA BOOTS (zine, 2016)

JESS SICA CREPE (zine, 2017)

JESS SICA FEAST (zine, 2017)

JESS SICA FORTE (zine, 2017)

JESS SICA GRANDE (zine, 2016)

JESS SICA KISS & TELL (zine, 2016)



JESS SICA PEACH (zine, 2017)


JESS SICA TANGLED (zine, 2016)


Photo Archive 1 (flickr, 2008-11)

Photo Archive 2 (tumblr, 2010-12)

Photo Archive 3 (tumblr, 2012-14)

Photography Tomorrow: Albert Camus Weekly (newsletter, 09.09.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Art & Authority (newsletter, 27.07.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Hip / Iconic (newsletter, 08.08.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Last Revolutionary Standing (newsletter, 28.12.2014)

Photography Tomorrow: Photography Cliché (newsletter, 09.11.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Photography Police Task Force (newsletter, 12.08.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: Spring Awakening (newsletter, 05.04.2015)

Photography Tomorrow: Three Musketeers (newsletter, 26.09.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: V'n'H is the true R'n'B I (newsletter, 16.07.2013)

Photography Tomorrow: V'n'H is the true R'n'B II (newsletter, 18.07.2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume I: The Conversation (book, 2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume II: Real People (book, 2013)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume III: The Heist (book, 2014)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume IV: The Archaeologist (book, 2014)

Portable Chronicles: An Anthology - Volume V: Tactics (book, 2014)


RAY WAYS, (e-book, 2012)


the baby smiles to be like the angel similar (book, 2013)

The Fodder A (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder B (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder C (newsprint, 2014)

The Fodder D (newsprint, 2015)

The Fodder E (newsprint, 2015)

The Fodder F (newsprint, 2015)

the palace explodes the shrimp bail, when the flower want to oxygen and nutrition, I will help too much (zine, 2012)

The September Issue (calendar, 2015)

Turbo 82: flashes of skin, lips, neck and water juxtaposed with shadows and wire (book, 2015)

Turbo 83 a.k.a. Alley Smoke: on architectural mélange found in the streets of Shanghai, Beijing and Wenzhou, China, (book, 2014)

Turbo 84: nine days of Spring passing through Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany (book, 2014)

Turbo 85: a brief analysis of the urban skeleton undertaken in the areas of Nation and La Défense Paris, France (book, 2013)

Turbo 86: two essays on composition produced indoors and outdoors (book, 2013)

Turbo 87: on warehouses in Zona Industrial da Varziela, Portugal (book, 2013)

Turbo 88: an exercise in two parts (book, 2012)

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